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Focus on concept creation & results analysis


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Crystallize your concept idea

Oppobot helps you to follow design thinking best practices

  • Customer driven: start from values, beliefs, desires and challenges

  • Crisp: articulate clearly which desires and challenges your concept addresses and how 

  • Tangible: only then your target group can evaluate your idea

  • Agile: less content per concept test but test more frequently  and early enough.

Choose your target group

You reach 60 M Research Now SSI panelists globally or you use your own respondents in various ways

  • Company-specific target group: create your own target group, e.g. based on category use 

  • Nationally representative sample: when you want to understand in which sub-groups your concept resonates best

  • Demographics based sample: e.g. households with children

  • Own respondents: Oppobot provides link to a test survey.

Refine your test questionnaire

Based on your concept descriptions, Oppobot automatically creates test questions – simply because it is the best way, making testing

  • systematic with the same KPIs

  • transparent across concepts to improve decision-making

  • very easy – you don’t need to be a market research expert

  • reliable and valid as Oppobot is the expert in market research.

You just go through the questions and fine-tune, such as add questions of your own.

Ask your target group 

After you ordered the test survey in Oppobot, your target  panelists start evaluating your concept idea.

Without any problems, they can use all digital devices – from mobile phones to PCs.

Once the sample is full, Oppobot lets you know.

Get results fast, even in 24 hours

Oppobot helps you to make smarter decisions

  • KPIs that indicate commercial success, such as willingness to buy or use

  • Key demand drivers – how to win

  • Hottest target groups – where to target

  • Data visualizations that help you digest key findings easily, such as heat maps.

Pay as you go

For free create as many concepts as you like. Pay only for concept testing. The price depends on your sample size and type, and survey length.

Oppobot is global

Markets covered by Research Now SSI consumer panels - 60 million panelists

Client feedback from international corporations: Oppobot helps to make better go-to-market plans, cost-efficiently.

The brainpower behind Oppobot

Marketing expertise meets digital technologies, analytics and AI. 

Heli Holttinen

CEO, Oppobot

+358 50 461 8212


Heli has a PhD in marketing (customer-driven concept creation), and 20 years of work experience in marketing, market research and NPD. 

Sara Nikander


+358 45 6735 577


Sara (MSc, MA in New Media) has been an entrepreneur for 18 years, working with digitalization, SaaS-products and start-ups. Director and partner at Valve.

Veli-Pekka Julkunen


+358 40 707 2979


Veli-Pekka (MSc) is an economist with over 10 years of experience in advanced analytics, machine learning & AI in marketing and gaming industries. 


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